Md. Zamilur Rahman

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Till now Cancer is a big question for scientific community cause of no existing treatments could solve the problems related to this dreadful disease. Research is in well progress since half century but it failed to give an accurate solution to fight against it. The development of technology in science day night tries to develop new methods of treatment. One(More)
Cancer Detection is still challenging for the upgraded and modern medical technology. Evan now the actual reason and total curing procedure of cancer is not invented . After researching a lot statistical analysis which is based on those people whose are affected in brain cancer some general Risk factors and Symptoms have been discovered. The development of(More)
Cancer is one of the deadly diseases in the world today. Cancer is caused because of some genetic factors and/or environmental factors and/or today's modern lifestyle. Cancer has become the primary reason of death in developed countries. The most effective way to reduce cancer death is to detect it earlier. The earlier detection of cancer is not easier(More)
The upgraded and modern medical technologies are the most challenging task to detect cancer and provide accurate treatment. In Bangladesh about two million women are affected by 2 most occurring deathful breast cancer due to them and their family member’s unconsciousness and poverty. It requires about $400-500 for proper diagnosis and treatment. Most of the(More)
The current work proposes a methodology for recognition of flags of the countries of the world from their digital images. Statistical features extracted from the color channels are combined together to generate the feature vector for discrimination between the flags. Since colors and their layouts can be quite similar between various flags, identifying them(More)
Using a connected dominating set (CDS) to serve as the virtual backbone of a wireless sensor network (WSN) is an effective way to save energy and reduce the impact of broadcasting storms. Since nodes may fail due to accidental damage or energy depletion, it is desirable that the virtual backbone is fault tolerant. This could be modeled as a k-connected,(More)
Crude press muds a sugar industry waste were collected from four sugar mills of Bangladesh. Crude press mud as well as its water soluble and water insoluble portion and extracted wax were studied for its proximate analysis, physico-chemical properties, elemental and wax composition. The proximate analysis of crude press mud showed the presence of moisture(More)
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