Md . Tazul Islam

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Full Bayesian (FB) before-after evaluation is a newer approach than the empirical Bayesian (EB) evaluation in traffic safety research. While a number of earlier studies have conducted univariate and multivariate FB before-after safety evaluations and compared the results with the EB method, often contradictory conclusions have been drawn. To this end, the(More)
Previous research shows that various weather elements have significant effects on crash occurrence and risk; however, little is known about how these elements affect different crash types. Consequently, this study investigates the impact of weather elements and sudden extreme snow or rain weather changes on crash type. Multivariate models were used for(More)
INTRODUCTION Speeding in residential areas is one aspect of a larger set of problems related to speeding and traffic safety. The problem affects the safety of vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists), specifically young children, and creates a sense of insecurity due to the risk of being involved in a vehicle crash and the seriousness of ensuing(More)
As our society farther expands, there has been many supports for second-class citizens such as disabled person. One of many supports that i.e urgent is the guarantee of mobility for blind people. There has been many efforts but even now, it is not easy for blind people to independently move. In this paper, we construct and materialize the navigation system(More)
Received 26 March 2013, Revised 04 June 2013, Accepted 05 June 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Abstract A very simple, ultra-sensitive and highly selective non-extractive spectrophotometric method for the determination of trace amount of zinc(More)
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