Md Tawhid Bin Waez

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Survey Real-time systems Formal models Semantics Timed regular languages Decision problems Variants Implementability Tools A B S T R A C T Timed automata are a popular formalism to model real-time systems. They were introduced two decades ago to support formal verification. Since then they have also been used for other purposes and a large number of(More)
INTRODUCTION Although first described over 100 years ago, lumbar puncture is still an important tool in the diagnosis of neurological diseases. In this article we review its indications, contraindications, the technique for carrying it out, the analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid and possible complications. DEVELOPMENT The lumbar puncture has diagnostic(More)
Thermal management is crucial for safe and efficient operation of fuel cells. The goal of this paper is to algorithmically synthesize a provably-correct controller for a fuel cell thermal management system. For this purpose, we start with developing a control-oriented model for the fuel cell thermal management system and list the associated requirements.(More)
Task-level reconfiguration techniques in automotive applications aim to reallocate tasks to computation cores during failures to guarantee that the desired functionality is still delivered. We consider a class of mixed-criticality asymmetric multi-core systems inspired by our collaboration with General Motors, for which we automatically synthesize(More)
Introducing automated formal methods for large industrial real-time systems is an important and actual research challenge. We propose timed process automata (TPA) for modeling and analysis of timecritical systems which can be open, hierarchical, and dynamic. The model offers two essential features for large industrial systems: (i) compositional modeling(More)
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