Md Syedul Amin

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Precise navigation is a vital need for many modern vehicular applications. The global positioning system (GPS) cannot provide continuous navigation information in urban areas. The widely used inertial navigation system (INS) can provide full vehicle state at high rates. However, the accuracy diverges quickly in low cost microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)(More)
The interaction of human osteoblast cells with diamond-like carbon films incorporating silicon and silicon oxide (SiO(x), 1 < or = x < or = 1.5) and synthesized using the direct-current plasma-activated chemical vapour deposition method was investigated. Cell culture studies were performed for films with Si contents ranging from approximately 4 at.% to 15(More)
Vehicle navigation is a crucial requirement for many applications. Global Positioning System (GPS) can provide accurate navigation information. But the GPS performance degrades and even a complete outage may occur in urban areas due to line of sight problem. Inertial Navigation System (INS) can provide navigation information during a GPS outage. However,(More)
An enhanced charge pump circuit utilizing charge-transfer-switch (CTS) to direct charge flow with improved voltage pumping gain is proposed in this paper. The diodeconfigured output stage limitation is managed through the pumping of output stage by the clock of improved charge pump circuit. Using Mentor Graphics, the proposed charge pump circuit is designed(More)
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