Md. Sohail

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We develop a prototype to demonstrate indoor wireless visible light communications (VLC) in which a panel of red, green, and blue (RGB) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is used as a transmitter as well as a light source. Digital transmissions of text messages are carried out from the LED panel mounted on top of the room ceiling to the receiver located on the(More)
This paper presents an automatic technique for detecting the 18-most important facial feature points using a statistically developed anthropometric face model. Most of the important facial feature points are located just about the area of mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows. After carefully observing the structural symmetry of human face and performing necessary(More)
Insects are powerful and rapid adaptive organisms with high fecundity rate and short life cycle. Due to human interruption in agro-ecosystem and global climatic variations are disturbing the insect ecosystem. Erosion of natural habitats, urbanization, pollution and use of chemicals in agro-ecosystem manifold the intensity of environmental variations. Both(More)
AbStRAct In recent years, the internet has emerged as the most important and powerful medium for the communication of information. There is a tremendous growth in the number and variety of information resources available on the internet which becomes an important source for scholarly scientific literature and also more number of information resources as(More)
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