Md. Shorif Uddin

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Existing text strings play an important role in understanding a scene image. Scene images differ from document images, which are composed of text characters of various size, shape, direction, and situation along with complicated backgrounds, such as map, picture or painting, etc. Hence, the extraction of texts on scene images is a difficult as well as(More)
Coronary heart diseases (CHD) are one of the most prevalent causes of death all over the world. Noninvasive imaging technique such as Computed Tomography (CT) has greatly assisted the diagnosis of coronary heart diseases. Coronary vessels are 3D structures in nature. From CT images we get 3D structures. For a treatment plan or physicians’ surgical(More)
Due to their excellent biodegradability characteristics, Mg and Mg-based alloys have become an emerging material in biomedical implants, notably for repair of bone as well as coronary arterial stents. However, the main problem with Mg-based alloys is their rapid corrosion in aggressive environments such as human bodily fluids. Previously, many approaches(More)
Text Extraction from image is concerned with extracting the relevant text data from a collection of images. Due to rapid development of digital technology digitization of all these images with text is necessary. Lot of resources such as newspapers, books, journals records business card, magazines, advertisements slides and films, scanned document, book(More)
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