Md.Sharif Hossain Russell

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Occipital visual evoked potentials (VEPs) were recorded in response to low-contrast, low spatial-frequency chromatic, and achromatic gratings. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and time-domain analysis were used to reveal differences in harmonic content and amplitude of chromatic and achromatic response components over a wide range of temporal frequencies. The(More)
Chromatic and achromatic visual function were investigated using psychophysical and evoked potential techniques in 32 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) or optic neuritis. There was no evidence for either chromatic or achromatic vision being selectively damaged. There was, however, some evidence that demyelination of the optic nerve causes a visual(More)
Background: Variation in tooth size is influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Several studies have reported tooth size variation between and within different racial groups. In order to improve the quality of dental care available, there is a great need for data on the mesiodistal crown dimensions of the individual teeth of Bangladeshi population.(More)
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