Md. Shahrear Iqbal

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Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life. Businesses now offer services through smartphones. Users also store sensitive personal information on their smartphones and perform financial transactions. Consequently, security attacks on smartphone platforms have also increased significantly. Traditional desktop anti-virus software are not very(More)
Research has shown that the android permission model was insufficient for providing protection against malicious behaviors of the untrusted third-party applications. To improve this scenario, Google modified the permission model in the recent Android version. However, in our analysis, it is still not an ideal option to enforce fine-grained access control.(More)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad networks charge advertisers for every click on their ads. Click-fraud happens when a user or an automated software clicks on an ad with a malicious intent and advertisers need to pay for those valueless clicks. Click-fraud has been proved to be a serious problem for the online advertisement industry. Although it has attracted much(More)
The availability of powerful smartphones and the necessity of security in mobile devices have made researchers propose multiple security modes (e.g., home, office, outdoor, and financial) for such devices. In each mode, a user can install a different set of apps. However, in most of the cases, the user has to select the mode manually. If we can sense the(More)
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