Md. Shahedul Islam

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As face recognition and facial feature based human computer interaction have become the subjects of intense focus in recent decades, facial feature extraction has emerged as a challenging task in the field of computer vision. Eye is said to be the most salient feature on face because of its versatility of appearance and expression variety. Various eye(More)
Protection of 10(-4) M daunorubicin hydrochloride (DNRUB) solutions against photolytic degradation was investigated using sodium sulfite (SS). Photodegradation of the drug under fluorescent light was found to be accelerated at higher pHs, and the photoprotecting ability of SS (1.9 x 10(-3) M) increased progressively with an increase in pH in the range of(More)
Photodegradation of phenobarbital in aqueous solutions exposed to short-wave ultraviolet light was studied in presence and in absence of sodium thiosulfate. The degradation process appeared to follow first-order kinetics and was found to be dependent on pH, buffer system and sodium thiosulfate concentration. Ionic strength did not have any appreciable(More)
Dynamic foot pressure measurement is necessary particularly for diabetic patients to prevent ulcers, eventually leading to gangrene and amputation. The present work reports a low cost optical sensing system for the above, suitable for the Third World. It uses a horizontally placed transparent Acrylic plate with a webcam placed below facing upwards. A white(More)
Direct seeding method of rice planting offers several advantages. However, all rice cultivars are not suitable for this practice. In this report forty-three high yield rice varieties and an anoxia/hypoxia tolerant control land race were studied to verify their suitability to establish seedling under anaerobic conditions. The study was conducted in(More)
Reduced glutathione was found to guard against photodecomposition (under fluorescent light) of the anticancer drug dacarbazine (DTIC). Increase in pH appeared to accelerate the degradation of DTIC within a pH range of 4.5-8.1. The stabilizing effect of reduced glutathione was found to increase with its concentration reaching an optimum value at 5 mg%.(More)
This paper describes a prototype of clinical expert system for risk stratification of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age. It is a heterogeneous disorder of uncertain causes. Since the symptoms of PCOS are seemingly unrelated to one another the(More)
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