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In an Optical WDM network, link/path failure may occur in a very normal way which may cause a great amount of data loss if the link is not restored to reroute the affected traffic accurately and quickly using the redundancy the network. Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) networks, employing wavelength routing have emerged as the dominant technology to(More)
The potential benefit of migrating software design from Structured to Object Oriented Paradigm is manifolded including modularity, manageability and extendability. This design migration should be automated as it will reduce the time required in manual process. Our previous work has addressed this issue in terms of optimal graph clustering problem formulated(More)
Iris recognition is regarded as the most stable and accurate biometric identification system. An iris recognition system basically consists of four stepssegmentation, normalization, encoding and matching. This paper proposes an efficient approach for iris segmentation. This segmentation approach uses a modified canny edge detection algorithm by considering(More)
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