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In contrast to procedural programming, object oriented design provides better modularity, manageability and extensibility. Some legacy softwares written in procedural languages phase out of upgrading and support due to an unmanageable design. This paper proposes two variations of local search based heuristic to discover clues for object oriented design from(More)
Legacy software, often written in procedural languages, could be a major concern for organizations due to low maintainability. A possible way out could be migrating the software to object oriented architecture, which is easier to maintain due to better modularity. However, a manual migration could take significant time and thus an automated process is(More)
This paper proposes a new blind, robust image watermarking for copyright protection and ownership verification in the DCT domain. The owner information is in the form of a logo image. Two different watermarking systems are considered. The first one is based on the principle of spread spectrum communication, in which we propose an adaptive direct sequence(More)
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