Md. Selim Al Mamun

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Reversible sequential circuits are going to be the significant memory blocks for the forthcoming computing devices for their ultra low power consumption. Therefore design of various types of latches has been considered a major objective for the researchers quite a long time. In this paper we proposed efficient design of reversible sequential circuits that(More)
This article presents a research work on the design and synthesis of sequential circuits and flip-flops that are available in digital arena; and describes a new synthesis design of reversible counter that is optimized in terms of quantum cost, delay and garbage outputs compared to the existing designs. We proposed a new model of reversible T flip-flop in(More)
Reversible logic has come to the forefront of theoretical and applied research today. Although many researchers are investigating techniques to synthesize reversible combinational logic, there is little work in the area of sequential reversible logic. Latches and flip-flops are the most significant memory elements for the forthcoming sequential memory(More)
Recently, a variety of wireless access points (APs) have been deployed by many organizations to meet different traffic demands. Previously, we proposed an active AP configuration algorithm that activates or deactivates heterogeneous AP devices depending on the traffic demand and network topology, in order to realize the elastic Wireless Local-Area Network(More)
Cancer, the ‘Emperor of All Malady’ has already occupied its position in the list of most fascinating but elusive enigmas in human history like life and consciousness. Existence of phenocopy, C-value paradox and many other electrifying findings has questioned the linear central dogma of molecular biology. This points a paradigm shift towards a stochastic(More)
Recently, an IEEE802.11n access point (AP) has become common in the wireless local-area network (WLAN) due to the high-speed data transmission using the multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology. However, the signal propagation from the 802.11n AP may not be uniform in the circumferential direction because of multiple antennas in MIMO, in addition to(More)
Editorial Board Members Shaokun Coral Yu, PhD Northern Illinois University, USA Dr. Iqbal Hossain, Post-Doc in Econometrics, Imperial College, UK M Kabir Hassan, PhD University of New Orleans, USA Md. Abdul Hannan Mia, PhD University of Dhaka, Bangladesh & University of Toronto, Canada. Md. Shariat Ullah University of Dhaka, Bangladesh & Ritsumaiken(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach for pseudo random ternary sequence over finite field. The sequence is generated from a primitive polynomial over finite field applying trace function and möbius function. This paper further presents some important properties such as period, autocorrelation and cross-correlation of the generated sequence. The(More)