Md. Sarafat Ali

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It has been 100 years since the discovery of renin by Tigerstedt and Bergman. Since that time, numerous discoveries have advanced our understanding of the renin-angiotensin system, including the observation that angiotensin II is the effector molecule of this system. A remarkable aspect of angiotensin II is the many different physiological responses this(More)
Paclitaxel (taxol) has long been used as a potent anticancer agent for the treatment of many cancers. Ever since the fungal species Taxomyces andreanae was first shown to produce taxol in 1993, many endophytic fungal species have been recognized as taxol accumulators. In this study, we analyzed the taxol-producing capacity of different Colletotrichum spp.(More)
We report the significant increase of the content of free amino acids in Nicotiana benthamiana by the co-suppression of the ClpC1 and ClpC2 genes, which are translated to be the chaperonic part in the Clp protease at plastids. Clp protease with ClpC1 and ClpC2 proteins as the chaperonic part degrades denatured or improperly folded protein in plastids.(More)
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