Md. Sanwar Hossain

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Whereas serious health consequences of widespread consumption of groundwater elevated in As have been documented in several South Asian countries, the mechanisms responsible for As mobilization in reducing aquifers remain poorly understood. We document here a previously unrecognized and consistent relationship between dissolved As concentrations in reducing(More)
The current work proposes a methodology for recognition of flags of the countries of the world from their digital images. Statistical features extracted from the color channels are combined together to generate the feature vector for discrimination between the flags. Since colors and their layouts can be quite similar between various flags, identifying them(More)
Hilsa shad Tenualosa ilisha comprises the largest and most valuable single fishery of Bangladesh. This study was conducted to identify suitable habitats for Hilsa juvenile in the northern Bay of Bengal along the coast of Bangladesh using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) based Multi-Criteria Evaluation (MCE) of water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH,(More)
We develop a systematic approach to Markovian Model onto an effective displaced diffusion (Migration), and work out a set of computationally efficient formulas valid for a large class of Markovian underlying processes. While the literature has established that there is substantial and highly selective return migration, the growing importance of repeat(More)
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