Md. Samiullah

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The goal of analyzing a time series database is to find whether and how frequent a periodic pattern is repeated within the series. Periodic pattern mining is the problem that regards temporal regularity. However, most of the existing algorithms have a major limitation in mining interesting patterns of users interest, that is, they can mine patterns of(More)
Correlation mining is recognized as one of the most important data mining tasks for its capability to identify underlying dependencies between objects. On the other hand, graph-based data mining techniques are increasingly applied to handle large datasets due to their capability of modeling various non-traditional domains representing real-life complex(More)
Mining frequent patterns is a crucial task in data mining. Most of the existing frequent pattern mining methods find the complete set of frequent patterns from a given dataset. However, in real-life scenarios we often need to predict the future frequent patterns for different tasks such as business policy making, web page recommendation, stock-market(More)
Knowledge discovery in big data is one of most interesting topics in state-of-the-art research, and frequent patterns mining is a major task. With the rapid growth of modern technology, high volumes of data—which are of different veracities (i.e., may be precise or uncertain)—are flowing at a high velocity all over the world. Properties of(More)