Md Salik Noorani

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A multiplex reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (mRT-PCR) was developed and standardized for the simultaneous detection of four cherry viruses: Cherry virus A (CVA, Genus; Capillovirus), Cherry necrotic rusty mottle virus (CNRMV, unassigned species of the Betaflexiviridae), Little cherry virus 1 (LChV-1, Genus; Closterovirus) and Prunus necrotic(More)
Cherry virus A (CVA) is a graft-transmissible member of the genus Capillovirus that infects different stone fruits. Sweet cherry (Prunus avium L; family Rosaceae) is an important deciduous temperate fruit crop in the Western Himalayan region of India. In order to determine the health status of cherry plantations and the incidence of the virus in India,(More)
In this paper, the homotopy analysis method (HAM) is implemented to give approximate and analytical solutions for the Klein–Gordon equation. The auxiliary parameter  in the HAM solutions has provided a convenient way of controlling the convergent region of series solutions. This problem shows rapid convergence of the sequence constructed by this method to(More)
Cherry necrotic rusty mottle virus (CNRMV) and Cherry virus A (CVA) are important graft transmitted viruses in the family Betaflexiviridae, infecting cherry. It is believed that CVA causes severe symptoms and disease in combination with other stone fruit viruses in both cherry and non-cherry hosts while CNRMV infected tree show reduced growth, significant(More)
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