Md Saiful Islam

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The paper reports works on a wireless sensor network supporting a human operator monitoring a wide area of an unstructured environment. The main objective is to develop mechanisms allowing intelligent preliminary analysis of data (captured by a large number of sensing devices, including cameras) so that the human intervention is needed only for cases(More)
BACKGROUND In 2010, an acute illness outbreak was reported in school students eating high-energy biscuits supplied by the school feeding programme in northwest Bangladesh. We investigated this outbreak to describe the illness in terms of person, place and time, develop the timeline of events, and determine the cause and community perceptions regarding the(More)
Energy saving by mitigating the waste of energy and save the world from global warming is a very common concern of this day. This paper presents the design and implementation of a prototype novel contactless smartcard based prepaid metering system for domestic purpose that technologically forces the customers to stop the misuses of natural gas. The proposed(More)
Heartbeat signal is an emerging biometric modality which is getting attention for its robustness against spoof attack. Introducing heartbeat into a fingerprint biometric system can yield promising results in two ways. First, it may increase the accuracy of the biometric system and second it may increase its robustness against spoof attacks. In this paper, a(More)
Authentication of remote users is very important for security and privacy of multimedia content that is often accessed online. Heartbeat signal has emerged as biometric modality suitable for remote authentication for its privacy and liveness property. In order to improve acceptability of this modality, we propose a method of biometric template extraction(More)
Identification of known objects is the central issue in many applications of machine vision. We discuss a detection method for objects (both 2D and 3D) randomly located in complex cluttered scenes where partial occlusions are possible. Moreover, the images can be captured in a turbid medium that further degrades visibility. The images are acquired using a(More)
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of extracting text from an image. The main purpose of an OCR is to make editable documents from existing paper documents or image files. Significant number of algorithms is required to develop an OCR and basically it works in two phases such as character and word detection. In case of a more sophisticated(More)
In order to effectively detect moving targets in strong noise conditions, we proposed an image processing method based on wavelet and Hough transform (HT) for multiple moving targets detection. Firstly, the noise is removed from the received signal by the wavelet technique. We propose an improved wavelet threshold function. The new threshold function not(More)
People living in slums are severely affected in case of any disaster such as fire or earthquake due to the unawareness of the situation and difficulties associated with rescue operations. Since disaster preparedness and responses are always better than recovery, our goal is to aware habitats for faster response during the disaster occurrence such as fire(More)
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