Md Rezwan Miah

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Oxidative chemisorption and cathodic stripping reductive desorption of iodide have been studied at a smooth polycrystalline gold (Au (poly)) electrode. Potential-dependent surface coverage of iodide has been controlled on the basis of its reductive desoprtion in 0.1 M KOH alkaline media and its quantitative oxidation to aqueous iodates in acidic media. The(More)
Despite the widespread and successful use of luminescence-based bioassays in water testing, their applications to soils and sediments is less proven. In part this is because such bioassays have mainly been carried out in an aqueous-based medium and, as such, favour contaminants that are readily water-soluble. In this study, aqueous solutions and soils(More)
The present article demonstrates the electrochemical oxidation of uric acid (UA) at sulfur-adlayer-coated gold (S-Au) electrode in alkaline media. At S-Au electrode, UA oxidized at a significantly lower overpotential with a higher current density as compared to the bare Au electrode. The oxidation of UA at the S-Au electrode is highly selective in the(More)
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