Md. Rashedul Islam

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Concern has been raised by Bangladeshi and international scientists about elevated levels of arsenic in Bengali food, particularly in rice grain. This is the first inclusive food market-basket survey from Bangladesh, which addresses the speciation and concentration of arsenic in rice, vegetables, pulses, and spices. Three hundred thirty aman and boro rice,(More)
In this paper, a method to recognize human using ear biometrics has been proposed. Traditional image-based approaches to person identification almost exclusively employ front views of the individual's face. Ear on the other hand, has a more uniform distribution of color, so almost all information is conserved when converting the original image into gray(More)
In this research, we have compared three different attribute selection measures algorithms. We have used ID3 algorithm, C4.5 algorithm and CART algorithm. All these algorithms are decision tree based algorithm. We have got the accuracy of three different algorithms and we observed that the accuracy of ID3 algorithm is greater than C4.5 algorithm. But the(More)
Positioning accuracy is a challenging issue for location-based applications using a low-cost global positioning system (GPS). This paper presents an effective approach to improving the positioning accuracy of a low-cost GPS receiver for real-time navigation. The proposed method precisely estimates position by combining vehicle movement direction, velocity(More)
People of physical limitations like old age people, physically disabled people, and autistic people face a lot of challenges to accomplish their daily tasks. It is hard for them to operate regular appliances (like fan, light, opening or closing the window) which may seem very casual for us who are physically blessed. Now a days touch based controlling has(More)
Sound synthesis is recently indispensable with sophisticated audio effects for mimicking rich and natural sounds of the musical instruments, and thus sound synthesis acceleration has been an urgent issue. The formant synthesis is employed to produce the various single notes of the haegeum, a representative traditional Korean bowed string instrument. In this(More)
Augmented accuracy in prediction of diabetes will open up new frontiers in health prognostics. Data overfitting is a performance-degrading issue in diabetes prognosis. In this study, a prediction system for the disease of diabetes is presented where the issue of overfitting is minimized by using the dropout method. Deep learning neural network is used where(More)
Increased accuracy in predictive models for handwritten character recognition will open up new frontiers for optical character recognition. Major drawbacks of predictive machine learning models are headed by the elongated training time taken by some models, and the requirement that training and test data be in the same feature space and consist of the same(More)
In practice, outliers, defined as data points that are distant from the other agglomerated data points in the same class, can seriously degrade diagnostic performance. To reduce diagnostic performance deterioration caused by outliers in data-driven diagnostics, an outlierinsensitive hybrid feature selection (OIHFS) methodology is developed to assess feature(More)