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Control dependencies are one of the major limitations to increase the performance of pipelined processors. This paper deals with eliminating penalties in pipelined processor. We present our discussion in the light of MIPS pipelined processor architecture. Here we present an improved pipelined processor architecture eliminating branch and jump penalty. In(More)
Early 3rd instarDiacrisia obliqua Walk. larvae were treated with concentrations ofBacillus thuringiensis var.kurstaki (Dipel®) and the growth of treated larvae was assessed. All the doses reduced significantly the weight and survival of the insects (p<0.001). Les 3e stades larvaires deDiacrisia obliqua ont été traités avec des concentrations variées(More)
Bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract is a common emergency condition in Bangladesh. A large proportion of such bleeding is from esophageal varices l, which in turn is mostly due to cirrhosis of liver 2'3. Mortality from this complication remains high 4. Several controlled trials have now shown that endoscopic sclerotherapy of esophageal varices(More)
VJFET is the device commercially available and further research is going on. In this paper a SiC based power VJFET with low specific on resistance and high breakdown voltage is demonstrated. A low specific on resistance of 6.1m&#x2126;-cm<sup>2</sup> is achieved for a blocking voltage of 2250V by varying its device parameters like channel opening, drift(More)
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