Md. Rakib Uddin

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Abstract In the present study biodiesel was synthesized from Waste Cook Oil (WCO) by three-step method and regressive analyzes of the process was done. The raw oil, containing 1.9wt% Free Fatty Acid (FFA) and viscosity was 47.6mm/s. WCO was collected from local restaurant of Sylhet city in Bangladesh. Transesterification method gives lower yield than(More)
Energy meter reading is a monotonous and an expensive task. Now the meter reader people goes to each meter and take the meter reading manually to issue the bill which will later be entered in the billing software for billing and payment automation. If the manual meter reading and bill data entry process can be automated then it would reduced the laborious(More)
We demonstrate all-optical NOT and NOR logic gates at 10Gb/s based on gain modulation of a transverse electric (TE) polarized light in a Fabry-Perot laser diode (FP-LD). An FP-LD shows a gain for a TE-polarized injected probe beam. The gain can be modulated by injection of a pump beam. Using the gain-modulation characteristic, we implemented all-optical NOT(More)
We demonstrate an all-optical wavelength converter with multicasting at 4×10Gbits/s up and down conversion using gain modulation in an FP-LD. We also explain the gain modulation technique using the bistability behavior of the injection locked FP-LD. The wavelength converter shows the average power penalty of 1.5 dB at a bit error rate of 10−9 and the(More)
In this paper, production of biodiesel from mixed feedstock oil (MFO) by three-step method and optimization of the process were studied by using regressive analysis. The random mixer of different oil was used for biodiesel preparation. The MFO contains 12 wt% free fatty acid (FFA) and its viscosity was 67.5 mm/s. Because of higher FFA content(More)
Finding desired information from large data set is a difficult problem. Information retrieval is concerned with the structure, analysis, organization, storage, searching, and retrieval of information. Index is the main constituent of an IR system. Now a day exponential growth of information makes the index structure large enough affecting the IR system’s(More)
Fermentation of potato and carambola juice was investigated using Molds and Agaricus as a potential source of amylase. The amylatic activity of Moulds and Agaricus were studied and the effects of different parameters, such as starch concentrations, pH, incubation time, temperature were investigated. The maximum enzyme activity obtained for Moulds were 173(More)
In this paper, we analyzed the resonance behavior of a silicon photonic micro-ring resonator. Photonic micro-ring resonator is a very important device for implementing photonic computation and communication circuitry. The resonance property of the ring-resonator is the key factor to use it in silicon photonic technology. To design a photonic circuit and(More)
We demonstrate an all-optical single to multi-wavelength converter using gain modulation in a Fabry-Perot laser diode (FP-LD at 10Gb/s. It can simultaneously provide 1 to 4 output channels and support both up and down conversion. We observed over 14 dB extinction ration (ER) and power penalty of around 1.5 dBm at a BER of 10−9. The results ensure to(More)
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