Md. R. H. Khandokar

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This paper intends to look deeper into finding an ideal mobile broadband solution. Special stress has been put in the South Asian region through some comparative analysis. Proving their competency in numerous aspects, WiMAX and LTE already have already made a strong position in telecommunication industry. Both WiMAX and LTE are 4G technologies designed to(More)
Internet generation is growing accustomed to having broadband access wherever they go and not just at home or in the office, which turns mobile broadband into a reality. This paper aims to look for a suitable mobile broadband solution in the South Asian region through comparative analysis in various perspectives. Both WiMAX and LTE are 4G technologies(More)
This paper presents a new proposal of utilizing the advantages of both the barcode and the RFID technology in a hybrid system where we can have the maximum efficiency with comparatively low cost. This system will use radio frequency (RF) to identify multiple 3D barcodes simultaneously using time division multiplexing technique instead of infrared (IR) or(More)
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