Md. Nurul Amin

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Despite success in tuberculosis control, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Bangladesh is increasing and currently multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis rate is 3.6% in new cases and 19% in re-treatment cases. This study focused on determination of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis which is warranted for effective prevention strategy. An unmatched case(More)
A few Ear Camps were carried out amongst 25 schools and madrashas of Dhaka City having 10,102 pupils, to see the prevalence of ENT diseases and hearing impairment. A primary screening was done by the Bangladesh Council for Child Welfare (BCCW) with the possibilities of suffering from ear, nose & throat diseases with the help of questionnaire and clinical(More)
This paper reports the case of an adolescent girl who was admitted in the ENT ward, IPGMR in February '88 with the complaints of nasal obstruction, nasal discharge associated with progressive swelling of the right side of her face for 1 year. She had an operation at Chittagong Medical College Hospital 1 year back for some problem in the right side of the(More)
Dual antiplatelet treatment (DAPT) with aspirin and clopidogrel is vital after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Clopidogrel and prasugrel act on P2Y12 platelet surface receptors. Both these P2Y12 inhibitors are pro-drugs and depend on cytochrome system of the liver for their conversion to active metabolite. There is growing concern regarding(More)
Manipulation through invasion is a major problem in most of the port areas in recent world. Mongla is an important sea port that has accomplished the activities like import and export of various goods inside and outside Bangladesh. The process not only involves the moving of goods, it also carries the invasive species purposely or accidentally which(More)
A cross sectional, exploratory study was designed at "National Center for Hearing and Speech for Children" (NCHSC), Dhaka, Bangladesh, from May 2001 to June 2002, with a view to determine the average noise level in different places of Dhaka Metropolitan City (DMC), and also aiming at evaluating the extent of Noise-induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) in different(More)
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a serious condition associated with premature mortality, decreased quality of life, and increased health-care expenditures. A failure to produce sufficient Erythropoietin (EPO) accounts for the moderate to severe anemia observed in chronic kidney disease. Decreased EPO production is attributed to destruction of renal(More)
For reducing the post-harvest loss and extension of shelf-life of banana, it is treated with fungicide or combination of fungicide and hot-water treatment. A study was conducted for developing a method to control post-harvest diseases and extension of shelf-life of banana through non-chemical method of hot water treatment. The best treatment combination was(More)
The present study was designed with a view to identify the Avian Leukosis Virus (ALV) by direct Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) as well as to know the prevalence of ALV in different age groups of layer birds at Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. The birds were categorized into three groups, namely group A (brooder) included bird aged 13 days, group(More)