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—The efficacy of a meander and a circular interdig-itated sensor in detecting and measuring the moisture present in wet concrete samples is demonstrated. Analytical, simulation, and measurement results of interelectrode capacitance for samples with different moisture contents show good agreement. As moisture content increases from 0% to 6%, the(More)
— This paper describes a novel conformal surface wave (CSW) launcher that can excite electromagnetic surface waves along unshielded power line cables nonintrusively. This CSW launcher can detect open circuit faults on power cables. Unlike conventional horn-type launchers, this CSW launcher is small, lightweight, and cost effective, and can be placed easily(More)
Lentil is one of the most important pulse crops in the world as well as in Bangladesh. It is now considered a main component for training and body building practising in first world countries. Yield varies tremendously from year to year and location to location. Therefore, it is very important to find genotypes that perform consistently well even in(More)
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