Md Nasrul Islam

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Intrinsically disorder regions (IDRs) or, proteins (IDPs) are associated with important biological functions, while lacking stable structure in their native state. The phenomena of disordered proteins or residues are abundant in nature and are extensively involved in critical human diseases and hence impacting drug discovery. Thus, the study using disorder(More)
"This paper tests the causal ordering between property taxes and inter-municipal migration, using both bivariate and multivariate methods. Empirical results, based on annual data for post-war Canada (1940-84), support the Tiebout-Tullock hypothesis, which implies that differential local tax [systems] and public services induce intercommunity migration,(More)
"This paper investigates individual intermunicipal migration behaviour in Canada within the context of a human capital model that adjusts for the migrant's selectivity in computing expected income gains. In addition to the typical regional determinants of migration, housing and labour market characteristics are found to influence intermunicipal migration(More)
A programming model is used to analyze the impact of the efficiency of migration flows on regional income disparities in Canada. A new method to measure such efficiency is presented in an attempt to show that occupations involving high-level skills and training have efficient migration patterns. The relationship between income differentials and internal(More)
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