Md. Nasim Adnan

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The stochastic Kronecker Graph model can generate large random graph that closely resembles many real world networks. For example, the output graph has a heavy-tailed degree distribution, has a (low) diameter that effectively remains constant over time and obeys the so-called densification power law [1]. Aside from this list of very important graph(More)
A decision forest is an ensemble of decision trees, and it is often built to discover more patterns (i.e. logic rules) and predict/classify class values more accurately than a single decision tree. Existing decision forest algorithms are typically used for building huge numbers of decision trees, involving large memory and computational overhead, in order(More)
The Random Forest algorithm generates quite diverse decision trees as the base classifiers by applying the Random Subspace algorithm on the bootstrap samples for high dimensional datasets. However, for low dimensional datasets the diversity among the trees falls sharply for the Random Forest algorithm. To increase the ensemble accuracy by inducing more(More)
The agar tree (Aquilaria agallocha Roxb.) is an evergreen tropical tree species containing precious dark resinous heartwood (agarwood). The population of agar tree is rapidly declining in natural forests in Bangladesh, and the species is now being planted in government-owned degraded forest sites as well as privately-owned homestead forests. A survey was(More)