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With the increase of population of a country, proper management of cumulative of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) becomes more acute for maintaining green environment. In conventional approach a number of trucks collect the MSW and then transport and transfer these MSW in a pre-specified location, but all the above jobs are not properly monitored. It is very(More)
— A novel conformal surface wave (CSW) exciter is introduced which can excite electromagnetic (EM) surface waves along unshielded power line cables non-intrusively. The CSW exciter is small, cost effective and can be easily placed on a power cable compared to conventional monopole type launchers or horn type launchers. Besides cable fault detection, the(More)
Through-Silicon Via (TSV) is a key technology for 3D interconnection of ICs. Mismatch in the properties of constituent materials causes significant amount of stress in the TSV structure during thermal loading. Such thermal stress is one of the key issues for the reliability of electronic packaging. In this work, the thermo-mechanical stress in a TSV(More)
A strong emphasis on safety while operating vehicles, planes, and heavy machinery is essential. The operators, company, and public have a great interest in safety due to the concerns of public relations and customer well-being. This project details an aviation navigation feedback device (or “smart” ear seal coined “SmartSealz”)(More)
Chronic skin diseases like eczema may lead to severe health and financial consequences for patients if not detected and controlled early. Early measurement of disease severity, combined with a recommendation for skin protection and use of appropriate medication can prevent the disease from worsening. Current diagnosis can be costly and time-consuming. In(More)
The objective of this study was to quantify Parkinson's disease tremor severity using signals acquired from wearable inertial sensors. A machine learning approach was used in the development of classification models. Features calculated from signals produced by accelerometer and gyroscope sensors placed on the index finger and wrist were taken into account.(More)
FlexRay is a widely used communication protocol is used in vehicle to interconnect the equipment of vehicle. The interconnections of components in vehicle get more complex in modern cars as the advancement of new technology. This leads to enormous pressure in the FlexRay protocol to correctly maintain the overload of data. So, the need of self-testability(More)
Dimensional stability in terms of spirality is one of the major problems of knitted fabrics. It is very essential to control the spirality by controlling different parameters behind this in order to maintain the proper quality of textile products during uses. In this paper a fuzzy control system is proposed to observe the impact of spirality with respect to(More)
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