Md. Motahar Hossain

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In the title complex, [Cu(C16H24N3S2)2], the Cu(II) atom is coordinated by two azomethine N and two thiol-ate S atoms of the chelating Schiff base ligands, resulting in a distorted square-planar coordination environment. The S-Cu-N chelating angle is of 84.41 (5)°. The Cu(II) atom is located on a crystallographic inversion centre, leading to a trans(More)
As already observed in similar mol-ecules, the di-thio-carbazate group in the title compound, C17H26N2OS2, adopts an EE configuration with respect to the C=N bond of the benzyl-idene moiety. In the crystal, mol-ecules are connected into inversion dimers by pairs of N-H⋯S hydrogen bonds. The dimers are linked by weak π-π inter-actions, with(More)
The coordination around the Sb atom in the title compound, (C 6 H 16 N)[Sb(C 14 H 10 O 3) 2 ], is fourfold in a pseudo-trigonal-bipyramidal pattern in which one of the equatorial sites is occupied by the stereoactive lone pair of electrons. The four ligating atoms comprise the hydoxylate and carboxylate O atoms from two independent benzilate ligands, each(More)
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