Md Moshiur Rahman

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Female choice can impose persistent directional selection on male sexually selected traits, yet such traits often exhibit high levels of phenotypic variation. One explanation for this paradox is that if sexually selected traits are costly, only the fittest males are able to acquire and allocate the resources required for their expression. Furthermore,(More)
The paper presented a cloud security insurance framework for estimating coverage for different cloud services. For the cloud security insurance, the question of differential security coverage is relevant as the cost of deploying special protection, detection and response tools varies and requires efficient coverage estimation. Accordingly, this work uses an(More)
Microbial Fe reduction is widely believed to be the primary mechanism of As release from aquifer sands in Bangladesh, but alternative explanations have been proposed. Long-term incubation studies using natural aquifer material are one way to address such divergent views. This study addresses two issues related to this approach: (1) the need for suitable(More)
Bacterial communities can exert significant influence on the biogeochemical cycling of arsenic (As). This has globally important implications since As in drinking water affects the health of over 100 million people worldwide, including in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta region of Bangladesh where geogenic arsenic in groundwater can reach concentrations of more(More)
— Secure cloud environment is essential for providing uninterrupted services to customers (individual user, company and government), since customers are relying on cloud for their computing and network service needs. As providers play the central role in cloud security, they need to establish rigorous security measures as a part of their service offerings.(More)
Web pages represent various information that is easy and efficient way to meet the user requirement. A large type of data contains in various web page from different website and domain. Now a day's these huge amounts of data create a large data crowd and from these crowds it is not so easy for a search engine to retrieve the perfect information that the(More)
Environmental and ecological conditions can shape the evolution of life history traits in many animals. Among such factors, food or nutrition availability can play an important evolutionary role in moderating an animal's life history traits, particularly sexually selected traits. Here, we test whether diet quantity and/or composition in the form of omega-3(More)
Because of an increased number of Acanthamoeba keratitis (AK) along with associated disease burdens, medical professionals have become more aware of this pathogen in recent years. In this study, by analyzing both the nuclear 18S small subunit ribosomal RNA (18S rRNA) and mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene loci, 27 clinical Acanthamoeba strains that caused AK in(More)
Trichomonad species inhabit a variety of vertebrate hosts; however, their potential zoonotic transmission has not been clearly addressed, especially with regard to human infection. Twenty-one strains of trichomonads isolated from humans (5 isolates), pigs (6 isolates), rodents (6 isolates), a water buffalo (1 isolate), a cow (1 isolate), a goat (1 isolate),(More)
Technology making rapid progress & is making many things easier. As the innovative thinking of persons is increasing day-by-day new methods for wireless networking have been evolved of which our present topic WiFi is the most accepted technology. WiFi (Wireless-Fidelity), which is the wireless way to handle networking. This paper introduces WiFi technology(More)
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