Md. Moshfiqur Rahman

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Platelet function can be abnormally increased, as in association with acute vascular events, or defective, as in a variety of clinical settings. Acquired platelet dysfunction may occur at any age and range in severity from mild to life-threatening haemorrhages. Diagnostic work-up of platelet disorders requires meticulous evaluation of medical history,(More)
Screening of platelet function can be performed by point-of-care testing followed by platelet aggregometry in response to agonists such as collagen, adenosine diphosphate, epinephrine, and arachidonic acid. Despite in use for decades, this technique is not well standardized. Monitoring of antiplatelet therapy is increasingly applied in patients at high risk(More)
Responding to the events of September 11, 2001, the Connecticut Department of Public Health initiated a daily hospital admissions syndromic surveillance (HASS) reporting system. Each of the 31 acute care hospitals statewide were required to report the number of the preceding day’s nonscheduled admissions; these were categorized by admission diagnosis into(More)
The methanol extract of Centella asiatica (Family:Umbelliferae) was studied for its phytochemical and pharmacological Activities. This study of the extracts indicates the presence of Reducing Sugar Tannins, Alkaloids, Sapponins and.The pharmacological study include Antimicrobial activities.The extract of the plant showed activity against a wide a variety of(More)
A standardized inoculation model was used in 2 separate experiments to gauge the virulence of 3 white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) isolates from Thailand and Vietnam (WSSV Thai-1, WSSV Thai-2, and WSSV Viet) in Penaeus vannamei juveniles. Mortality patterns (Expt 1) were compared and WSSV-positive cells quantified (Expt 2) in tissues following intramuscular(More)
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