Md. Moniruzzaman

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Sensor nodes deployed in hostile environments are vulnerable to capture and compromise. Due to the inexpensive hardware components, an attacker can easily obtain cryptographic information from these sensors, clone them and surreptitiously insert these clones back in the network. Cloning provides the adversary an easy way to build an army of malicious nodes(More)
Delegation is a process of sharing access rights by users of an access control model. It facilitates the distribution of authorities in the model. It is also useful in collaborative environments. Despite the advantages, delegation may have an impact on the access control model's security. Allowing users to share access rights without the control of an(More)
This paper present the current Corporate Social Responsibility practices by banking sector in Bangladesh. It also attempts to examine the importance of CSR (Gaining Competitive advantage, Customer's and Employee's Positive Behavior, Financial performance, etc) using open end questionnaire aims to collect respondent's opinion. Data analyzed by Statistical(More)
This paper is mainly addressing the design and analysis of a DC micro grid power system in a remote area in Bangladesh. Generation of electricity is not enough to serve its demand. Majority of the islands and the rustic communities are deprived from electricity and most of them are relying on some fossil fuels for searching their required energy. The cost(More)
Adaptive filtering constitutes one of the core technologies in the field of digital signal processing and finds numerous application in the areas of science and technology viz. echo cancellation, channel equalization, adaptive noise cancellation, adaptive beam-forming, biomedical signal processing etc. Noise of ECG signal will minimize by using two(More)
Cryptography is the technique which is utilized for secure communication over the network. By using Cryptography technique readable information is converted into an unreadable form. Cryptography is used to protect data from unauthorized access. Universality of security in modern internet based application is an explicit motivation to contribute in the area(More)
Users are encouraged to check in to commercial places in Geo-social networks (GSNs) by offering discounts on purchase. These promotions are commonly known as deals. When a user checks in, GSNs share the check-in record with the merchant. However, these applications, in most cases, do not explain how the merchants handle check-in histories nor do they take(More)
Internet has gained huge popularity over the last decade. It offers its users reliable, efficient and exciting online services. However, the users reveal a lot of their personal information by using these services. Websites that collect information state their practices with data in their privacy policies. However, it is difficult to ensure if the policies(More)
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