Md. Mejbah Ul Alam

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In multiprocessor systems, one of the main factors of systems’ performance is task scheduling. The well the task be distributed among the processors the well be the performance. Again finding the optimal solution of scheduling the tasks into the processors is NP-complete, that is, it will take a lot of time to find the optimal solution. Many evolutionary(More)
The integrated effect of bio-methanated distillery effluent (BMDE), bio-compost and FYM as a source of plant nutrients and their effect on soil properties, nutrient uptake, juice quality and sugarcane yield were investigated. The BMDE, bio-compost and FYM were characterized. The treatments consisted of substitution of K2O through bio-methanated distillery(More)
A long term experiment under rice–sugarcane plant–sugarcane ratoon I–sugarcane ratoon II–Moong rotation was started during May, 1993 at Sugarcane Research Institute, Pusa, Bihar to evaluate the long term effect of different levels of nitrogen applied either alone or in combination with organic manures on yield and quality parameter of sugarcane as well as(More)
With the increasing use of computers in research contributions, added need for faster processing has become an essential necessity. Parallel Processing refers to the concept of running tasks that can be run simultaneously on several processors. There are conditions that tasks have deadlines for scheduling. Therefore, the tasks should be scheduled before(More)
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