Md. Matiar Rahman

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Effect of isoflurane on the dechlorination of carbon tetrachloride to chloroform was investigated in the guinea-pig liver microsomes. Under anaerobic conditions, chloroform is produced from carbon tetrachloride through the microsomes in the presence of NADPH, and such production of chloroform was increased by the addition of isoflurane. The K(m) for the(More)
Inhalation anaesthetics might affect perioperative drug elimination by altering drug distribution, hepatic blood flow or drug metabolism. The in vitro effects of isoflurane on aniline hydroxylation and aminopyrine N-demethylation were investigated with guinea pig liver microsomes to assess the role of isoflurane on oxidative drug metabolism through the(More)
This study was undertaken to evaluate the hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effect of Momordica charantia (wild and hybrid variety) powder on alloxan induced type 2 diabetic male LongEvans rats. Oral feeding of the M. charantia powder slightly decreased serum total cholesterol, triglyceride levels and LDL-cholesterol compared with wild, hybrid and standard(More)
The effect of isoflurane on the anaerobic metabolism of halothane to chlorodifluoroethene (CDE) and chlorotrifluoroethane (CTE) was studied with microsomes of guinea pig liver by gas chromatography. The reaction mixture used to measure the end products of anaerobic metabolism consisted of a microsomal suspension, 3 mM NADPH, halothane and isoflurane (except(More)
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