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Term weighting is a core idea behind any information retrieval technique which has crucial importance in document ranking. In graph based ranking algorithm, terms within a document are represented as a graph of that document. Term weights for information retrieval are estimated using term’s co-occurrence as a measure of term dependency between them.(More)
The beam of light carries momentum that can be used to pull or push a particle in a medium. By letting the light scattered from one dielectric medium into another with higher refractive-index, the linear momentum of photons, according to Minkowski theory, can be amplified appropriately. As a result, surface-bound objects can be pulled back to the light(More)
Performance of an application is a vital issue for user satisfaction. Performance bug refers to a specific kind of bugs that create lags and overheads in application execution. Often, it is difficult to localize and fix performance bugs due to insufficient developer knowledge regarding the characteristics of these bugs. Eliminating performance bugs manually(More)
Modern search engines utilize users' search history for personalization, which provides more effective, useful and relevant search results. However, it also has the potential risk of revealing users' privacy by identifying their underlying intention from their logged search behaviors. To address this privacy issue, we proposed a <i>Topic-based Privacy(More)
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