Md Mahmudur Rahman

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This article presents an approach to biomedical image retrieval by mapping image regions to local concepts where images are represented in a weighted entropy-based concept feature space. The term "concept" refers to perceptually distinguishable visual patches that are identified locally in image regions and can be mapped to a glossary of imaging terms.(More)
BACKGROUND The Aetiology of Neonatal Infection in South Asia (ANISA) study takes advantage of text messaging technology to record information required for randomizing the study population into a control subcohort. The text message system is also used for monitoring various study activities. METHODS When a child-health worker registers a newborn in the(More)
The stiffness of the extracellular matrix (ECM) plays an important role in controlling cell functions. As an alternative to the ECM, hydrogels of tunable elasticity are widely used for in vitro cell mechanobiology studies. Therefore, characterizing the Young's modulus of the hydrogel substrate is crucial. In this paper, we propose a confocal microscopy(More)
This paper presents a “bag of keypoints” based medical image retrieval approach to cope with a large variety of visually different instances under the same category or modality. Keypoint similarities in the codebook are computed using a quadratic similarity measure. The codebook is implemented using a topology preserving Self Organizing Map(More)
The dissociation of SO(2) on Cu(100) and the diffusion of the co-adsorbed decomposition products S and O were investigated using density functional theory-based calculations. Two dissociation pathways were considered: (P1) [Formula: see text] and (P2) [Formula: see text], the difference being in the formation of the intermediate product SO. It is found that(More)
Many studies have investigated the effect of dynamic message signs (DMS) on drivers' speed reduction and compliance in work zones, yet only a few studies have examined the design of sign content of DMS. The purpose of this study was to develop design standards for DMS to improve driver compliance and worker safety. This study investigated the impact of sign(More)
This paper presents a “bag of keypoints” based biomed-ical image retrieval approach by detecting affine covariant regions. These regions refers to a set of pixels or interest points which are invariant to affine transformations, as well as occlusion, lighting and intra-class variations. The interest points are described with the(More)
BACKGROUND A centralized data management system was developed for data collection and processing for the Aetiology of Neonatal Infection in South Asia (ANISA) study. ANISA is a longitudinal cohort study involving neonatal infection surveillance and etiology detection in multiple sites in South Asia. The primary goal of designing such a system was to collect(More)
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are intended to enhance driver performance and improve transportation safety. The potential benefits of these technologies, such as reduction in number of crashes, enhancing driver comfort or convenience, decreasing environmental impact, etc., have been acknowledged by transportation safety researchers and federal(More)