Md Mahbubul Hassan

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Data from sustained-release and enteric-coated oral formulations, and the suppository formulation of diclofenac sodium are fitted simultaneously using NONMEM and the general linear model, ADVAN 5. Absorption and disposition parameters, serum levels, and absorption profiles were determined. The in vivo absorption profiles were determined using the program(More)
Semen samples from four Holstein-Friesian bulls were evaluated by the Hamilton Thorn Motility Analyzer (HTM-2030) for sperm concentration, motility and other motion parameters. In the first trial, the extender preparation (P<0.005) and the program settings (P<0.001) of the motility analyzer significantly effected the accuracy of sperm concentration(More)
We describe a simple fluoroimmunoassay for the determination of thyroxine concentrations in serum. The method, "sequential addition, separation fluoroimmunoassay," involves both thyroxine labeled with fluorescein and magnetizable cellulose/iron oxide particles to which antibodies to thyroxine have been covalently linked. Serum sample or standard is(More)
A sperm cryopreservation protocol for the Indian major carp, Labeo calbasu, was developed for long-term preservation and artificial fertilization. Milt collected from mature male fish were placed in Alsever's solution (296mOsmolkg(-1)) to immobilize the sperm. Cryoprotectant toxicity was evaluated by motility assessment with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and(More)
A simple radioimmunoassay has been developed for service purposes to determine serum total thyroxine levels. Only three additions are required, of standard or sample, labelled thyroxine and antibody in polyethylene glycol. After 2 hours' incubation at room temperature the antibody-bound and free fractions are separated by centrifugation. Serum total(More)
Cryopreservation offers long-term storage of gametes without constraint from seasonal gamete maturation, provides opportunities to improve the efficiency of breeding and genetic programs, and protects endangered species from extinction due to epidemic diseases and natural disasters. In this study, a protocol for cryopreserving sperm of the spermcasting(More)
It has proved possible to develop a novel non-separation fluoroimmunoassay for thyroxine employing antibodies both to thyroxine and to fluorescein incorporated into immune complexes by addition of a common species-specific anti-immunoglobulin G serum. The labelled hapten could bind to antibody of either specificity but not to both at the same time. Binding(More)
Variation in reproductive strategy is one of the key factors contributing to recruitment success of molluscs in different habitats. Spermcasting is a unique mode in mollusc reproduction where males produce spermatozeugmata, a radially arrayed sperm cluster wrapped by gelatinous membrane. In this study, spermatozeugmata structure and their dissociation in(More)
Low survival of cryopreserved sperm impedes the application of cryopreservation technique in spermcasting oyster species. This study developed a simple method of liquid nitrogen vapor freezing to improve post-thaw sperm survival in the spermcasting oyster Ostrea angasi. The results indicate that the permeable cryoprotectants, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO),(More)
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