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Study of Different Deep Learning Approach with Explainable AI for Screening Patients with COVID-19 Symptoms: Using CT Scan and Chest X-ray Image Dataset
A deep learning-based model is developed that can detect COVID-19 patients with better accuracy both on CT scan and chest X-ray image dataset and test results demonstrate that it is conceivable to interpret top features that should have worked to build a trust AI framework to distinguish between patients with CO VID-19 symptoms with other patients.
Secure live virtual machine migration through runtime monitors
This paper proposes a new model for live migration of virtual machines (VMs) in a secure environment and proposes the migration model that fulfills the most security requirements for secure live VM migration process.
COVID-19 Symptoms Detection Based on NasNetMobile with Explainable AI Using Various Imaging Modalities
Results demonstrate that the proposed models can identify the infectious regions and top features; ultimately, it provides a potential opportunity to distinguish between COVID-19 patients with others.
Shamir's Secret Sharing for Authentication without Reconstructing Password
This paper proposes an authentication protocol which will use Shamir's secret sharing method to authenticate with server, and will be able to solve the problem that complete data exposure from server will not reveal the actual password provided by the user.
Tractable Unordered 3-CNF Games
This work proves the problem is in P, indeed in L, for 3-CNFs with a certain restriction, namely that each width-3 clause has at least one variable that appears in no other clause.
Complexity of Unordered CNF Games
The classic TQBF problem is studied in variants of this game in which the variables may be played in any order, and each turn consists of picking a remaining variable and a truth value for it.
6-Uniform Maker-Breaker Game Is PSPACE-Complete
It is proved that the game remains PSPACE-complete even when every set has size 6, just as it was proved in a STOC 1976 paper.
Utilizing Computational Complexity to Protect Cryptocurrency Against Quantum Threats: A Review
This research summarizes the current security measures and how the new way of solving hard problems will trigger the future protection of the existing digital currency from the future quantum threat.
A Regular Study on Yarn Count, Size Box Temperature and Machine Speed to Increase Weaving Efficiency of Cotton Fabric
Sizing is an inherent part of weaving works, consisting in the coating of the warp yarn with a polymeric adhesive, such as starch, in order to assist efficient weaving. The study is aimed to assess