Md.Kamal Uddin

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Cowpea rhizobia strains were examined with indigenous populations in nodulating cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp) cv. Laura B. strain IRC256 formed dark nodules on cowpea, and were used as the standard against orthodox pink-nodule strains in evaluating nodulating competitiveness. The dark nodule phenotype and intrinsic antibiotic resistance pattern were(More)
— The application of image processing for diagnostics purpose is a non-invasive technique. There is currently a great interest in the prospects of automatic image analysis method for image processing, both to provide quantitative information about a lesion, which can be relevance for the clinical, and as a standalone early warning tool. In order to achieve(More)
Bacterial canker disease development was most rapid in all treatments with zero calcium and low (30 ppm) nitrogen. Calcium at 100 ppm or higher in the nutrient solution reduced disease severity in susceptible Moneymaker and resistant Plovdiv 8/12. The resistance of Plovdiv 8/12 was dependent upon adequate calcium. Higher levels of nitrogen (450 ppm) did not(More)
Dog submandibular gland cells store mucins and secretory protein in their secretory granules for the purpose of export. The secretion of these products is under the influence of autonomic innervation to the gland. Acinar cell products are influenced by the parasympathetic division whereas the duct cell secretory proteins are influenced by the sympathetic(More)
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