Md. Kamal Hosain

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A passive deep brain stimulation (DBS) device can be equipped with a rectenna, consisting of an antenna and a rectifier, to harvest energy from electromagnetic fields for its operation. This paper presents optimization of radio frequency rectifier circuits for wireless energy harvesting in a passive head-mountable DBS device. The aim is to achieve a compact(More)
Design of a rectangular spiral planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) at 915 MHz for wireless power transmission applications is proposed. The antenna and rectifying circuitry form a rectenna, which can produce dc power from a distant radio frequency energy transmitter. The generated dc power is used to operate a low-power deep brain stimulation pulse generator.(More)
—To compete with the international market place, it is crucial for hotel industry to be able to continually improve its services for tourism. In order to construct an electronic marketplace (e-market), it is an inherent requirement to build a correct architecture with a proper approach of an intelligent systems embedded on it. This paper introduces a web(More)
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