Md. Kabirul Islam

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INTRODUCTION Members of the Geological Survey of Bangladesh (GSB) and the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) are investigating the processes responsible for the high concentrations of arsenic in ground water underlying much of Bangladesh. The dissolved arsenic concentrations have been attributed to reductive dissolution of iron oxides (Nickson and others,(More)
— Traditional education system for preschool children is not updated in Bangladesh. Generally, parents and teachers are tried to teach children by introducing first alphabet and numbers in the form of text books. Sometimes it is quite difficult for teachers to teach play group about their first learning when they are not interested with it. The pedagogy of(More)
Teachers have tried to teach their students by introducing text books along with verbal instructions in traditional education system. However, teaching and learning methods could be changed for developing Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It's time to adapt students with interactive learning system so that they can improve their learning,(More)
Steganography is a system that hides information in an application cover carrier like image, text, audio, and video. Considerable amount of work has been carried out by different researchers on this subject. Least Significant Bit (LSB) insertion method was more suspicious and low robustness against attacks. The objectives of this study were to analyse(More)
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