Md. Imtiazul Kabir

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Vibrio mimicus, a newly described species of the genus Vibrio has been isolated from stools of 14 patients with diarrhoea. Live cells of all the 14 strains tested caused accumulation of fluid in rabbit gut loops and diarrhoea in infant rabbits. Culture filtrates of all the strains caused increased capillary permeability in rabbit skin; however, five of the(More)
This study aims at evaluating the membrane stabilization potential of Solanum aethiopicum L. fruits extracts using an in vitro hemolytic assay. 2 mL of blood from healthy volunteers and patients with serologically confirmed current dengue infection were freshly collected and used in the assays. Fresh garden eggs fruits at three different maturity stages(More)
BACKGROUND Hopea Odorata, locally known as Telsur (Bangladesh), has some traditional uses as folk medicine. This study aims to investigate the antioxidant, antidiarrheal, hypoglycemic and thrombolytic activities of H. odorata leaf extracts as new therapeutic prospects predicting the activity of some of the isolated compounds of this plant. METHODS Leaves(More)
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