Md. Hanif Shaikh

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Dantrolene (2.45 mg/kg body weight, range 2 to 4) was administered iv in eight heat stroke (HS) patients and compared with a control group of 12 patients of similar age, weight, and temperature range (41.9 degrees to 44 degrees C). Body surface cooling was conducted in air conditioned rooms at temperatures of 18 degrees to 23 degrees C. Mean cooling time in(More)
Purpose To determine the acute effects of application of 2% pilocarpine on pulsatile ocular blood flow.Methods In a randomised prospective controlled study of an exploratory nature, 18 subjects with ocular hypertension had pilocarpine 2% eye drops instilled into a randomly chosen eye three times at 10 min intervals. Physiological saline was instilled into(More)
Epilepsy is a common chronic neurological disorder that requires long-term or sometimes lifetime therapy. Anticonvulsant drugs are used in large quantities during long-term antiepileptic therapy and the treatment may be associated with various metabolic abnormalities in connective tissues, endocrine system and the liver. Recent evidence indicates that(More)
We report a technique of neodymium: YAG laser parabolic anterior capsulotomy in an extreme case of capsule contraction syndrome with complete occlusion of the central opening and intraocular lens (IOL) displacement. This technique achieves both optical and mechanical benefits of a clear visual axis and possible prevention of further IOL decentration.
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