Md. Haider Ali

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This paper presents a real-time Bengali and Chinese numeral signs recognition system using contour matching. The system converts the captured image into gray scale image. After histogram equalizing and smoothing the gray scale image, the system detects edges using Canny edge detection algorithm. Edge linking is done using morphological operation. The system(More)
Search result visualization is a task performed by search engines that enables users to find their desired documents, in an effective and efficient manner. Image based summary or best images of a web document, displayed as a part of the visualization process, has become indispensable, as a human perceives images instantaneously. But, selection of the best(More)
In this paper we have proposed a specific method of simplification of three dimensional (3D) graphical models (polygonal meshes). Many applications in computer graphics require highly detailed complex models. However, the level of detail actually necessary may vary considerably. To control processing time, it is often desirable to use approximations in(More)
— Image zooming is the process of enlarging the spatial resolution of a given digital image. We present a novel technique that intelligently modifies the classical pixel replication method for zooming. Our method decomposes a given image into layer of binary images, interpolates them by magnifying the binary patterns preserving their geometric shape and(More)
Pedestrian navigation studies in real environments have shown consistent statistical relationships between 'configuration' properties of virtual layouts and movement flows, facilitating prediction of movement from designs. However, these studies are at an aggregate level and say nothing about how individuals make the micro-scale decisions producing these(More)
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