Md Gapar Md Johar

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Today e-commerce has become crucial element to transform some of the world countries into an information society. Business to consumer (B2C) in the developing countries is not yet a normalcy as compared to the developed countries. Consumer behaviour research has shown disappointing results regarding the overall use of the Web for online shopping, despite(More)
This study proposes a rule based method for detecting anomalies in SPL. By anomalies we mean falseoptional features and wrong cardinality. Software Product Line (SPL) is an emerging methodology for software products development. Successful software product is highly dependent on the validity of a SPL. Therefore, validation is a significant process within(More)
Software product line (SPL) is an emerging methodology for developing software products. SPL consists of two processes: domain-engineering and application-engineering. Successful software product is highly dependent on the validity of a domain engineering process. Therefore, validation is a significant process within the domain-engineering. Anomalies such(More)
This presentation tool is an alternative way providing documentation in Jawi scripts. Its purpose is to simplify the usage for a user as one of the choices in presentation. It is because this application is equipped with basic functions and easy to comprehend. This application is user friendly and has an attractive standard and formatting toolbars(More)
Nowadays, E-learning system is considered as one of the main pillars in the learning system. Mainly, E-Learning system is designed to serve different types of students. Thus, providing different learning pathways are a must. In this paper, we introduce the variability technique to represent the knowledge in E-learning system. This representation provides(More)
Education and learning is one of the world's largest markets for internet applications. Learning and training at work is probably the fastest growing sector. Before measuring the usability of these e-learning applications, users have to face unknown risks of failure of applications. This paper represents five metrics to measure the usability of E-Learning(More)
Software engineering complexities and challenges are multifold and does not only rise from technology advancements. Human factors related to software engineering is a key aspect which has been overlooked by many organizations and also received less research focus. The research which is a part of a longer study strives to build a competency framework(More)
Two problems related to Learning Object are discussed in this paper: selecting and sequencing problem, and diversity problem. As a solution methodology, we introduce a variability modeling concept for modeling Learning Objects. Each object is represented by first order logic predicates. This representation satisfies the diversity problem. First order logic(More)
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