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In this paper, a Pickett Potter horn antenna is designed and analyzed for Ka band operation. The dimensions of horn are optimized so that the cross polarization level is minimized for the operating frequency range. The design and optimization is done based on theoretical analysis of dual mode horn antennas and computer simulation. The copolarization and the(More)
In our previous work, we proposed a process optimized hollow silicon (Si) microneedle structure on a silicon chip, which had the highest aspect ratio (AR) reported so far. The 150 micrometer (µm) tall optimized microneedle structure with an AR of about 30∶1 was fabricated by reactive ion etch or RIE process on a p-type 500µm thick Si(More)
In this paper, sensitivity models for centre frequency and maximum radiated power of a rectangular microstrip antenna at ϕ = 0 plane using Effective Length Theory have been developed. A wide operating bandwidth for a single-layer coaxially fed microstrip antenna is obtained by cutting a U shaped slot on the metal patch. The sensitivity of(More)
In this paper, an aperture matched horn antenna is designed for operation in the microwave X band region. A conical horn is designed first, and the effect of additional aperture matching structure is studied to find the optimum dimension of the structure. The study is performed through computer simulation by Finite Element Method. Finally, the performance(More)
The precipitation processes in quenched Al-Li (2090) alloy from the solid solution state , then heat treated at Ta = 460 K and 600 K have been investigated by Vickers Hardness (HV) measurements and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). The overall activation energies associated with the transformation processes are evaluated using the DSC thermograms and(More)
In this paper, a VHF air-to-ground multipath propagation channel model is proposed and channel characteristics and BER performance are analyzed. A tapped-delay line filter model with time-varying coefficients is used to model the channel. The taps represent signals with delay corresponding to their relative propagation time. Each delayed signal is modulated(More)
In this paper, we review the research findings of the Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA) system and propose an effective way of implementing this technique in developed, as well as developing countries with reasonable system reliability. Instead of digital mapping, we focus on widespread implementation of a road safety system by way of dividing the road(More)
Characterization of the different precipitates developed in supersaturated Al–1.12Mg2Si–0.35Si (mass%) alloy by thermoelectric power (TEP) and electrical resistivity (ER) measurements was considered. The effect of precipitation of coherent, semi-coherent and noncoherent phases on the TEP was found impressive in describing different precipitates. Upon(More)
This work explores the opportunity of the use of graphene as the transparent conducting (TC) layer instead of conventional transparent conducting oxide (TCO) such as indium tin oxide (ITO) in the CZTS based solar cells which is recently evolved as one of the most promising thin film solar cells. It has been known that graphene has higher transmittance and(More)
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