Md. Azam Hossain

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Contemporary web browsers do not provide customized recommendations for the users; rather than some suggestions based on cookies or browsing history after content filtering. Usually, most of the users provide some key words to search the contents inside their preferred websites and based on these key words web servers provide the contents. So, it would be(More)
Computational Grids consist of heterogeneous collections of geographically distributed computing resources and have supported numerous scientific applications that require substantial amounts of computing power and storage space. From the point of view of scientists who want to leverage these Grid computing resources, effectively locating appropriate(More)
This paper presents an investigation into the inter-processor and inter-process communication for real-time computing in multiprocessing systems. A finite difference simulation algorithm of a flexible beam is considered to demonstrate critical inter-processor and inter-process communication issues in real-time computing. Accordingly, issues such as,(More)
The performance demands in practical nmlisation of signal processing and control strategies have-motivated a trend towards utilisation of complex algorithms. This, in turn, has resulted in a resurgence in the development of high-performance processors to make real-time implementation of such algorithms feasible in practice. However, due to inefficient(More)
Large-scale scientific applications from various scientific domains (e.g., astronomy, physics, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, etc.) usually require substantial amounts of computing resources and storage space. International Grid computing resources can be a viable choice for supporting these challenging applications so that effectively locating suitable(More)
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