Md. Asraful Haque

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Many software reliability growth models (SRGMs) have been analyzed for measuring the growth of software reliability. Selection of optimal SRGMs for use in a particular case has been an area of interest for researchers in the field of software reliability. A ll existing methodologies use same weight for each comparison criterion. But in reality, it is the(More)
Need of complex system is increased more rapidly. Size and complexity of computer systems<lb>has grown during last past few years in very impressive manner. Different Software reliability<lb>models have discovered since last 30 years. There has lot of work is done in field of software<lb>reliability estimation. Some of important models have been discussed(More)
Motion vector estimation is the most computationally expensive activity in video compression. We developed a searching algorithm that performs better than the existing popular algorithms in terms of both computational complexity and video quality. To find out the motion vector of a block in the current frame, we utilize the motion vector of the(More)
The classic challenge in writing object-oriented programs (OOP) is finding the right decomposition into classes and objects. This problem arises whenever programmers need to deal with crosscutting concerns. Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is a well known methodology to overcome this issue by modularizing crosscutting concerns using aspects. Programmers(More)
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