Md. Asad-ud Doullah

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To perform comparative studies of CR (clubroot resistance) loci in Brassica oleracea and Brassica rapa and to develop marker-assisted selection in B. oleracea, we constructed a B. oleracea map, including specific markers linked to CR genes of B. rapa. We also analyzed CR-QTLs using the mean phenotypes of F3 progenies from the cross of a resistant(More)
Throughout the world, clubroot disease is one of the most damaging diseases affecting Brassica oleracea. To develop marker-assisted selection (MAS) that could assist the incorporation of durable clubroot resistance (CR) into cultivars, previous genetic analyses have identified several CR quantitative trait loci (CR–QTL). However, the independent and(More)
In order to develop a method to measure resistance to Alternaria brassicicola (cause of dark leaf spot disease) in Brassica rapa, the effects of inoculum concentration, leaf stage, leaf age and incubation temperature of inoculation on infection were studied under controlled conditions using several B. rapa genotypes. Three inoculation methods (cotyledon,(More)
Calcium-dependent protein kinases (CDPK) are an essential component of plant defense mechanisms against pathogens. We investigated the effect of alternaric acid, a host-specific toxin produced by the plant fungal pathogen Alternaria solani (Pleosporaceae), on a putative plasma membrane and cytosolic kinase RiCDPK2 of potato (Solanum tuberosum) and on(More)
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