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Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) has been drawing interest among the researchers for the past couple of years. Though ad hoc network or mobile ad hoc network is very common in military environment, the real world practice of ad hoc network is still very low. On the other hand, cloud computing is supposed to be the next big thing because of its scalability,(More)
Conventional IP routers are passive devices that accept packets and perform the routing function on any input. Usually the tail-drop (TD) strategy is used where the input which exceeds the buffer capacity are simply dropped. In active queue management (AQM) methods routers manage their buffers by dropping packets selectively. We study one of the AQM methods(More)
The objective of this study is to develop a hybrid nonlinear subspace detection technique in which Kernel Principal Component Analysis (KPCA) is combined with a Closest Class Pair (CCP) measure for the task of hyperspectral image classification. In the proposed approach, KPCA is applied first to generate the new features from original dataset then the CCP(More)
Studies were conducted in the field to determine the effectiveness of three insectidicdes, Metasystox-R 25EC, Dimethion 40 EC, and Fentro 50 EC applied against mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi Kalt. and measure their toxic action on the predator Coccinella septempunctata L. The mustard plants were sprayed with the insecticides at 0.05% and 0.025% a. i. at 50(More)
We assessed the prevalence and seasonal variations of intestinal schistosomiasis in association with age, sex, breed and rearing system of cattle and goats in different districts of Bangladesh. Fecal samples from 240 cattle and 146 goats were examined. Schistosoma eggs were found in 47.5% cattle and 43.84% goats. Two species of schistosomes were identified.(More)
An experiment was conducted for two months in a recirculatory system consisting 12 glass aquaria (size 41× 41 × 46 cm) to evaluate the effects of substrates on the growth and survival of Macribrachium rosenbergii postlarvae (PL). Treatment T1 having no substrate was considered as the control. Treatment T2 contained pieces of hollow PVC pipe, treatment T3(More)
Epidemiology of ectoparasites of buffaloes was studied in Kurigram district of Bangladesh from November, 2007 to October, 2008. A total of 236 buffaloes were examined, among them 61.86% were found infested with one or more species of ectoparasites. Three species of ectoparasites were identified of which, two species were arachnids, namely, Boophilus(More)
Web usage mining has become very popular in various business areas for learning more about the users’ browsing behavior and recommending the perfect product in which the user is interested in. At present there are many systems that recommend for the users on web usage mining, but most of the systems suffer from inappropriate scalability, which would lead to(More)
Change detection from remote sensing images is getting more interest now a days because of abrupt changes in earth surface due to natural disasters or man-made activities. So it's an important research question of how to extract relevant information about the changes due to rainfall, droughts, flooding, destroying land cover areas and so on. This problem(More)
In the first paper of this work, the design and the architecture of our proposed model framework, VANET Security as a Service (VSaaS), was discussed. In this second paper, the performance metrics measurements will be investigated through the NS2, SUMO and Trans simulations, to evaluate the security overhead of the secure Vehicle Information Messages (VIMs),(More)
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