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Organophosphate poisoning during pregnancy is rarely reported in the literature. In our retrospective study, we report the outcome of 21 cases of organophosphate poisoning during pregnancy. All patients received atropine injection until the tracheobronchial tree is cleared of the secretions and most secretions were dried. In addition, ventilatory care was(More)
An infertile female aged 34 years was admitted with an abdominopelvic lump of 16 weeks size. On laparotomy innumerable nodular seedlings, in addition to uterine fibroid, simulating disseminated intra-abdominal malignancy were found. Histopathology of removed specimen of uterus and omentum revealed leiomyomatosis peritonealis disseminata.
This prospective study was done to compare the different aspects of tubotympanic (group I) and atticoantral types (group II) of chronic suppurative otitis media. The study included 200 patients of chronic suppurative otitis media, of them 100 were of tubotympanic type and 100 were with atticoantral disease. The age (mean +/- SD) of group I and II were 17(More)
Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) are generally similar in their clinical features, epidemiology and etiology although their natural and clinical history and treatment differ. Despite lot of improvement in diagnostic and management technique, there is little improvement in survival rate over the last few decades. This study was carried-out in a(More)
BACKGROUND Sex education aims to reduce the risks of potentially negative outcome from sexual behavior such as fear and stigma of menstruation, unwanted and unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Hence, this study was conducted to determine sex education knowledge level of school going adolescents in semi urban area of(More)
Genital fistulas cause immense physical and psychosocial problem in women's life. The present study was conducted to note the varieties of genital fistula as well as their causative factors and the results of the operative corrections. Altogether 42 patients with different varieties of genital fistula were enrolled in the study. The causative factors of the(More)
Use of magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) in the treatment of eclampsia has not yet become universal probably due to some perceived apprehension about its efficacy and toxicity. This study aimed to assess, in addition to foetomaternal outcome, its efficacy to control fits in eclampsia and toxicity if any. Fit control, occurence of toxicity and foetomaternal outcome(More)
This study tried to identify if there was any current trend in delivering eclampsia patients in terms of choice of mode and time of delivery and reasons for such choice and whether they influenced outcomes. Initial assessment findings, choice of mode of delivery, delivery outcomes were analysed in 608 consecutive cases of antepartum and intrapartum(More)
The energy is running out with the increase of demand of people in the world day by day. So accomplish this crisis alternative energy source can be weapon of this demand. In our project “from biogas to methane i.e. vehicle gas” can be a substitutive way to minimize this assertion. The target of this paper to produce biogas from saturated(More)